MedievalRP - DarkRP - FutureRP

Matthew, Darth Zew and Jordan is the owners and creaters to the Gamemodes (not DarkRP but the other 2)
of the servers and one day they created Tea And Biscuit Roleplay, a steam community…
You shuld try it out, you can find ip on the website and while you are there Register!

MedievalRP 1 Download:


Steam Community:

  1. Shitty web host, look around more there are other better web hosts without banners
  2. Website lacks content
  3. Horrible, generic, dark theme
  4. Nothing makes your RP stand out from the rest, why is your RP better than all the others ?, etc
  1. the web host is for free, and we are keeping it that untill we are more popular and have donaters and more members.
  2. so?
  3. no its not
  4. becous Matt made the MedievalRP and Jordan is Working on a FutureRP, thats why im posting this its becous if someone is bored with DarkRP, cider and all the others they can go back in time or go to the future.

We would, however, like to know what makes the gamemode unappealing to you, so that I can change it for the better - Also, bear in mind that I am working on Medieval Roleplay 2 at the moment, already it has loads of new features and improvements.


Also, I would like to state that Future Roleplay has not even been started on, so this thread is mainly about Medieval Roleplay. - 400MB space, 2GB bandwidth, PHP, MySQL, no ads - 500MB space, unknown but probably high bandwidth, PHP, MySQL, no ads

  1. You need something to bring people to your site, I suggest writing some tutorials like how to RP, etc
  2. Dark themes put people off, lighter themes give the website a cleaner, more professional look.
  3. Medieval RP seems interesting, you should promote it more, maybe give the website a medieval theme.

Good luck, if you have any more questions I will be happy to answer them.

Oh, you’re talking about the website?
Do you have any coments of the actual gamemode?

I’ve not had a chance to try out the gamemode quite yet.

Ah, well J!mBo (J-B) is responsible for the website, I make the gamemode

  1. i have checked them and i’m a little interested
  2. i have made a RP tutorial:
  3. Fixed, now there is lighter and a new design
  4. This website is for the community, MedievalRP is just one of the 3 that we are running, so the website can’t just be directed to the Medievalrp…

Bump, My server - Running Medieval Roleplay 2 Beta - can be found at (IP Address)

Could you please provide a link to the models / textures you are using, I do not want to sit there waiting for them to download.

layout used before

You need to stop using damn templates. Put the Medieval_Roleplay_2_Beta into gamemodes, this also means you can play the gamemode without being on my server.

Thank you.

If you give me your steam name I can give you the guided tour.

Attention web master whatever thing person… use They have good things and it’s free:P

Fucking bullshit. Sorry, I needed to write this.
First. DarkRP is a gamemode which has got turned-off IC messages. Maybe 3-5 servers with DarkRP has turned them on, but … what are 5 servers? Back to J-B’s comment… No comment but I need to.

“(not DarkRP but the other 2)”
Lol, they are based on DarkRP. They just added some shitty entities, weapons and custom jobs inside. Person which doesn’t know ANYTHING about lua, can create that kind of modificated RP. It’s piece of cake.
2. I know Matthew. He’s fucking retard which can’t create even simplest script in lua. He’s downloading stuff and combining them. I know that because he said that to me on steam friends. For example he DL-ed “InventoryAddon” script and put into his server. He claims it as his own (prove is on server).
Im not his friend anymore. I fixed a lot of stuff for him like cows… He sent it to owner of [TAB] server (which has medieval script). Now they think Matthew is awsome.

PS. Matthew has his own server. And [TAB] has a lot of fucking kids. They shout thru microphone. You can also buy there an admin for money. This is really funny =D. You can buy superadmin or admin (superadmin is more expensive). Lot of prop blocking and prop killing. THIS IS DARKRP! There are only added custom jobs and edited some text. Guys! Please… DarkRP is for kids. If you want to play real roleplay choose scripts like kuroScript. This is amazing script, all kids are banned instantly.

Admin for sale, RP without IC or amazing and realistic RP with cool events.
(DARK RP) (kuroScript, TacoScript, CakeScript)

Choice is yours xD.

Ok, first of all, Fixing the cows was the only thing you did for me and you only added 1-2 lines (Which didn’t fix anything)
Secondly, We don’t sell admin, I have no idea where you got that from but you obviously made it up.
Thirdly, You were the one that suggested the “InventoryAddon” to Me.

Also, I know I do combine other people’s scripts with mine - But I don’t call them my own.
And I can script on my own.

I did suggest it… But I didn’t want you to call it as your own.
f you will change weapon to backpack you can see there, author: Matty. So don’t lie please.
You do sell admins. Cole (Co-owner) was advertising that. I remember very well.
I fixed cows for you, because they were completly screwed up. Anywayz you didn’t create them.
Also you are a kid, I said you to stop DL-ing scripts and calling them your own and you blocked me.


So decide… You said on SF you can’t so…