Mediocre FPS with an not-so-mediocre build.

Hi you guys, I’ve had a problem for a while regarding my framerate.
It began for a month or two (if not even more) ago.

I’m facing loss in frames, running around with approximately 30 - 40 frames, sometimes 20.

Graphics Card: GTX 680
CPU: Intel i5 3570k @3.4GHz

Everything else is rather uninteresting, 2TB HDD and 128 SSD.

The deal is, it’s not because of bad hardware, I’m running BF3 with 90+ FPS ultra@1080p.
I’ve noticed that my GPU usage won’t reach above ~20% aswell, this is probably what’s causing the problem.

Thanks for any help or assistance.
Kind regards, Tiaitchsi.

It’s the game. Garry messed it up in version 13 so it now runs like crap. Version 12 I had a far higher FPS than I do now.

To further clarify on what garry actually did, he disabled “Multicore Rendering” in the options due to some bug or crash in SuperDOF I believe. This explains why everyone receives shitty FPS.

So there’s no actual fix to the problem? All we have to do is wait for Garry?

You’ll be waiting a while. He probably isn’t gonna bother fixing it since the game runs ok on sandbox and gm_construct.

Well that blows since GMOD has been one of my favorite games of all time.
I can’t really play it at the moment, all it does is frustrate me.

I don’t think I’ve ever used that, is it really worth removing something somewhat essential for the sake of THAT?

This is really grinding my gears.
So there’s absolutely no temporary/ugly fix to this problem what-so-ever?

Unfortunately wrong. You can ask in the Rolling Updates thread in the Next Version Moaners section about the lag and see what others say.

Not trying to start any hate, but GMod is looking more and more like abandonware at this point with all of FP’s attention on Rust.

Would be nice if garry could transfer his source license to someone hired under contract to fix all of the long-standing issues and keep it progressing forward.

Still having this problem, really?
Nothing is working, changed my OS, tried another account, so there’s no settings/drivers failure.

What’s wrong, and why hasn’t it been fixed yet?

Shape up, for christ sake.