Alternatively sir badass.

its weird seeing this pic cos that tree crest is actually my real family crest

I know :wink:

Your family crest is a low-poly gmod prop?

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[sp]jk, fleur de lis[/sp]

And it’s a flower.

Are you some kind of a descendant of some royal family? What crest you referring to? The one on the chest of that knight in the middle?

The level of detail you put into this is astounding. Quality work!

Nice. I love the overall feel this has.

the crest the soldiers in the green blue and white uniforms are wearing is my family crest

Really cool.

You mean the Fleur de Lis?

Really guys.

Mate i wasn’t looking at the dead mofo’s, i thought Jenkins was referring to the dudes still standing.

wow you can’t use mate that’s our word racist