*Medium?* Money script/money weapon

Hey, Can you make takeable money when pressing [Use key] To singleplayer ::Begause me and my friend playing garry´s mod and making bank robbing missions :D:: . and it would be in entities. Name is just Cash stash and would be dollar too. and when you press use key it will be like ammo right will come Money think like taking ammo ( Pulse ammo 30 ) i would be thankful for this little easy scirpting but its important to me

and just use This Model as a “Pile of Cash” = Models/Props/cs_assault/Money
and dollar as a “Dollar” = Models/Props/cs_assault/Dollar
and those what are in “” Will be that name when it will pick

But another think is when i pickup the Pile of cash or dollar would it be weapons so when i “Fire” it will throw Pile of cash prop to floor.

Thank you!