Meekboy10's Adv Dupe Pack V1

You require the following:

Half-Life 2 Episode 1
Half-Life 2 Episode 2

It contains these sections:

Pre-Posed Ragdolls (samus pedsuit and mp3marine required)
Combine Related (ep1 models)
Wire Contraptions (phx3)
Pre-Built Stuff (mostly hl2, ep1, ep2)
and More

Here is the Link.

It’s basically mashed up stuff while playing gmod.
It is merely a pack of advanced duplicates.
You can play with it. I am not a newbie with wire.

Hey, drunk combine’s in there. How nice.

The drivable combine gunship is an invisible viper shuttle with the combine gunship welded to it.

oh look a box with wheels on it. ANOTHER box with wheels on it.

hey, a dupe by another guy named DogTheMan - this is shaping up to be pure quality.

Yeah, nothing really worthwhile other than 2 contraptions made by other people. Most of your vehicles don’t function because they require custom entities (shuttles, etc.)

9/10ths of this stuff is just one prop duplicated. Great job! I love it.

Drivable Combine Gunship is not ment to be used.

Then why include it?