Meet Saxton Hale

Hello !
I’ve made a video that introduces Saxton Hale, using Garry’s Mod.
This took me 3 days, and I’m pretty satisfied of the result :slight_smile:
I’ve tried to do it so it looks like the official Meet the videos .

Source Film Maker Version :

Tell me what you think of it, what you’ve liked, what should be improved etc
I know the posing isn’t perfect, but I’ve tried to do my best .
Once I’ll get the Source Film Maker I’ll probably remake it with this tool to make it more awesome :smiley:
Also, I’ve put a few easter eggs/references to some other Meet the Videos :slight_smile:

I’ve got a few critics, like the slow motion/rotating camera used a bit too much (but I think it kinda emphasizes the characters :stuck_out_tongue: ) or the music, repeated a few times, etc… but globally I like my work !

Enjoy !

dude your vid is awesome

this is my latest video but its not even half as good as yours its a fake trailer for a new amnesia game and again well done on your video man il probably give you a sub :wink:

Ha ha, we meet again, My French Friend. :wink:

(Remember [Heaven-Smile] from JVC)

I Put you a funny. :wink:

Merci l’ami ! :slight_smile:

No one cares about your shit, don’t advertise on someone else’s threads.

Hi, just a little bump to announce that I’m remastering my work with the Source FilmMaker !
I’ll remake a few scenes, and add bonus content :stuck_out_tongue:

Little double post to announce you that the SFM version is now live !
I’ve posted the link in the first post !