Meet the bots - /test subject stumble across bot assembly stations/

flatgrass_night, no edit.

Very nice kalixx, make a super huge pose though! You keep making smaller stuff lately

Awesome and I had a feeling that when the Portal 2 props were released kalixx would be making good use out of them.

It’s good to see you back making scenebuilds.

Also, who authorized that outfit for testing?

Nice scenebuild bro.

I made a few larger scenes not so long ago. Almost all of them was a failure though:

The next pic. is going to be a larger scene again. It’ll future something unique :slight_smile:

I tell you who, it was Bloocobalt when he decided not to release the new chell model despite it’s being ready since… a month?!
Though I’m sure he has his reasons it just… My patience has run out…

you did good, very good
i absolutely love this, the angle is perfect, dof too, and the lighting is nicely done and well laid out

this is amazing and i love it

[h2]more please[/h2]

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fun fact:
the model you used for chell is actually somewhat similar to one of the few original concept arts for portal 2

I liked the idea of using Trishka for a test subject so much I made a reskin.

Finally a good camera!

god now that your scenebuilds are getting better i just cant help but wonder when your next one is

nghghgh yes please

now it looks good but to the prejudice of the scale of scenebuild.