Meet the Doctor (CoDWaW)


PS: Tell me if the first one is too dark. If it is, it may be the brightness/contrast on your monitor. But it might be too dark.


I tried to make it brighter, the picture has been updated.

Anyway, as I said on steam, very nice, backrounded

Hot fucking damn he is delicious.

I think the first one is too dark. Well… I can kinda see what’s going on. I don’t think there’s enough contrast really; everything seems to be blending in with everything else.

The first is a little dark.

I made it a bit brighter, and made the contrast lower.

…despite his bio, he looks cute :3

Ogod Ogod. He looks gorgeous. I want him @.@ Self slap I mean…

I like it. Pointing like a real bloo. :v:

Good work, mang.

Very good! I appreciate that you made the hat, holster, and bags as seperate models.

Nice, I like how you made the hat, holster, and bags seperate aswell

agian, i also like how the hat,holster and bags are separete models. Is that a general amsel reskin? cause it’s really cool

The funny thing is that it IS a re-skin. But the developers made it. :v:

hmmm, is he the “doc” from the Shi No Numa map?

I like it, can’t wait for the 3 others and the Hell Hounds that asplode!

Mmmmm, map pack 2 stuff…

you’re right i forgot him.

He looks like my old history teacher.

Also, you stole a old pose of mine :v:

But I still love you : )


He is the only Unique character. The other characters are Chernov, Polonsky, and a generic Japanese Officer.

Ja-Penis. Which I -always- have to play.