Meet the elite sniper

the sniper in there is one of my character from SOURCE FORTRESS² a tf2 parody

this video is feat. DMGaina for his help

Wrong section. Nuff said.

(User was banned for this post ("Backseat mod" - Uberslug))

That was pretty damn good

I didn’t helped

I lol’d

Maybe hes trying to mooch? Like, since people know your stuff well, they will find his video if they search up your name or something. Maybe?

That one’s better, though this is very well done too.

I liked it.

i dont agree you give me wegame and advise to me to disble the anti-aliasing

I lol’d at “Be polite”

It was better than I expected.

Hmmmm okay… post the “boom de yada” video, it was truly better than this one.