Meet the Medic: MEDIC

The outfit the Medic is wearing (same pants and boots)

Now, i’ve already suggested it to the emporium, however, i want to request it here, if anyones interested, also, if you could, keep the blood? maybe try to get it as close as it looks in the vid?

No blood skin and blood skin, cause not everyone wants it bloody.

you don’t Know how i love this Video!

me too

Don’t be such a baby.

Also I want the doves and maybe the Doctors Office as a map.

how is he being a baby? having a bloody and non-bloody skin means more posing opportunities.

It’s a quote from Meet the Medic.

Check the emporium.

when are you going to release it ???


If you dont mind me asking, is there going to be a bloody version of it?

I want dat uber heart.

And the spy head.

Maybe when GMOD is working again we could just check the browse folder and we could possibly find small models related to Meet the Medic.

Think we can also get a skin of under the knife Heavy and battel damaged Scout and Demoman as well?

the doves. That is all.

i wan’t to know if someone canmake a skin with mustache like this for meet the medic model
(i don’t think people with mustache are italian)


The Medic is German, not Italian.

people with musatche are italian?

Son!, you bein’ stereotypical agun?

It’s a joke that, trust me, I’m entitled to make.

And have you looked at that skin? That mustache looks Italian.