Meet The New Captains of Industry!

My fellow Newmans, with the invention of new machinery capable of drilling into the earth for oil we are entering a new era of progress. This is the starting point to reclaiming the world from the disaster that destroyed all of civilization. Behold what we have created in the land of Rustafied. This massive compound sits atop one of the largest forests on the island and produces great amounts of metal, stone, oil. From this point forward we Newmans no longer need hide in small wooden huts on the beach cold, and hungry. Join us in this great revolution as I have seen the future and it is glorious!

Clan Mangus Legio has created this wonderful compound in three days. I think the changes in this last update are amazing as it allows for “real” progression out of the dark ages. Increasing the benefit of compound / town building creates a more wholesome in-game community as players trade resources to use expensive machinery and promotes groups protecting new found trade partners and neighbors. That being said I think that oil jacks should have an increased cost.

Please feel free to post your views on the increasing mechanized endgame in RUST.

It’s an amazing update for groups.

It’s a horrible update for solo players.

Loving this update!

I feel like they didn’t delay late game enough, when groups can hit a surplus of guns in 2 days.

Refineries should get 2 Low Quality Fuel out of each Crude oil instead of 5, for at least the small ones, Large refinery should still yield 5.

5.56 Bullets, Rockets, C4 Need to cost HQM so they will be spammed far less, people still walk around with AK’s and don’t give a shit if they lose one.

Guns should spawn with less bullets in airdrops and rad towns.

We need specialized work benches to craft firearms and bullets which players will need to stay next to in order to craft those items.

Unfortunately the melee early game doesn’t last long enough to have much to show yet.

Now to start launching trading missions! Cloth and wood are still a limiting factor that could be traded for metal and stone.

I like how cloth and wood are the limiting factors to progression. With the addition of HQ Metal I think the “slower” progression fits Rust really well.

Nice. I’m going to come take that over.

Goodluck with a place that enormous.

In my time of playing rust I dont think I’ve ever seen a group take over another groups area.

You should see ours. You can’t see one wall from the other it’s so big.

Ur walls big yeah…u built it for 3 days and it will cost 2 c4 to break in…so worth it…

You don’t seem to understand what walls are for. Walls are a harassment deterrent not a raid stopper. They allow you some breathing room and area control.

I like the idea of big, expensive, useful machinery that takes time, resources and cooperation to build.

I also like the idea of 50 nakeds swarming said machinery, looting and destroying it.

There needs to be some kind of counter balance to the solo vs group dynamic, there should be some avenue a lone wolf could take to severely damage, or even completely take out, a large group and their base.

The only way I could see this happening is if they implemented more powerful stealth items (one hit kill throwing daggers, upgraded xbow, super c4, nightvision…), and a way to destroy foundations somehow (tunnel underneath?) without the need for explosives and tons of resources.

Another way this balance could and should be achieved is through the environment, there should be an equalizer of some kind, like even if you’re fully armed and armored, one hit from this certain enemy means death, or don’t mistakenly eat this mushroom…

IDK I think I’m just rambling at this point :words:

Sabotage option to the motor of quarry/pump jack? Next time it is turned on it grinds and explodes unless the operator checks for sabotage.

Maybe you’d had to craft tools to sabotage, and they would require easy to get parts. This would create incentive to protect the larger machines and also create situations which a naked with a wrench could screw things up big time for a group or clan.

I think sabotage is an interesting way to help smaller groups and solo players harass larger teams.