Meet the Ninja Nick

DISCLAIMER: Contains ZERO intellectually stimulating material, for lulz and related purposes only.

This is a TF2 style video for a reoccuring character in my gmod videos such as “Gmod Rumble: Nick vs. Zombies” and “Cheeseburger Apocalypse”.
(Both of these can be found on my youtube channel,


Better hope that Ninja Nick doesn’t find Fumples.

Whats that rap song?

DMX - where da hood at

One man cheeseburger apocalypse :v:

That is fucking brilliant! give this man a gold star (even though you can’t), so original, i laughed SOOO hard!

titz pls

Thanks haha I’m glad you enjoyed it!

More like this would be appreciated.


Almost reaches epic level

I plan on it.