"Meet the Patriot"

Nothing else to say here.

the bloody hell is that ? the fingerposing on the hand holding the flag is so wrong, and how is it possible to such an efficient professional like the sniper, laughing at a stabbed enemy, plus the soldier’s right hand is out of place

edited:as i see with my sarcastic eyes you did a good job with the shading on the soldier my clumsy GIMP knight

I like it

and the laughing sniper is good.

I imagine him saying “HAH, WANKA.!”

Ah yes, I noticed the fingerposing errors on the soldiers only at the end, but that was already too late.
Oh well, seeing as editing the errors out didn’t work, I just left them as they are.

Easy on the bloom.

I get carried away with the bloom.
Sorry 'bout that.

I used to do that my self:smile:

The lines on the letter box and text box are very jagged.

somehow,i was expecting this:


I was expecting Mel Gibson… :buddy:

I was expecting Inglorious Bastards…


I like it

Posing looks bad, also.

looks okay i guess, but posing could use work
also the borders is really jagged

Softglow does NOT suit tf2 mate. not enough color.

Da da da durrrrrrrrrrrr

Well yeah, Because I used paint, being the lazy bastard I am.

what the fuck


^ this
jkjk, but still.
If that was paint, then good job on the in game effects I guess.