"Meet the Psychopaths" #1

Shouldnt be hard to guess the reference, if you still dont know it watch the file name.
Gonna make the others as well.


The clown off of Dead Rising? I like the pic

Since Dead Rising 2 comes out in 5 days im making G-Mod poses of all the Psychopaths.

It comes out in 5 days? Shit I can’t wait. And that’s a nice concept to base poses off of.

Atleast in Europe it comes out on the 24th September.
Cant wait as well, making poses to hype myself up a bit. :buddy:

Dat faceposing.

Well,derp, I wanted to make him look insane, dunno how I pulled that off.

the fuck is his midsection doing

Yes, in a world gone insane and slaughter is part of everyday living, one can as well approach it with a smile. Nice one.

Thanks people :buddy: