Meet the Psychopaths #3

Guess who it is!

The blur on the blood doesn’t look right, otherwise great.

And how do you get such awesome quality on your pics?

The quality is shit compared to Urbanator,Chesty V-Man etc. :buddy:
Still thanks. I dont know what you mean with awesome quality lol. Looks quite decent to me?

Fixd the blood as well!


Fixd my post before looking like an idiot. Thanks :buddy:

Excellent posing and lighting as usual. Perhaps next time we could see something more funny, such as Louis piggybacking a tank?

“The shit” implies it is as good or better

simply “shit” implies the quality is less


Not too sure about Bill’s neck though, he looks like he broke or snapped it.

Gotta do the rest of the psychopaths first!
I dont know if Im gonna make it to make them all before Dead Rising 2 will be released and playable though :frown:

After that lets see!

CLIFF. “You can’t tell me can you. It’s cause you’re vietcong.”

Thats correct my lurking bro! Its Cliff from the first Dead Rising!

These look nice bro. I loved Dead Rising. Gonna pre-order Dead Rising 2 on steam this Friday.

Heh its released on the 24. here!
Cant wait to play!

“Name and rank, soldier… You can’t tell me… can you?”

Love it. Love them all, keep going.

Nice. I feel he could look a bit more loony though.

Seeing as Cliff was the most sane psychopath(derp) in Dead Rising I made this more serious but I know where youre going with this!

Thanks for all your comments! :buddy:

are you gonna do “Paul” anytime soon

Please do Paul


picture quality, I see no jpeg fragments at all.

Oh,make the fat butcher!

Obviously Jessie right guys

Awesome though :v:


youre not looking hard enough