Meet the Psychopaths #5

This is a failed attempt at creating the crazy cop from Dead Rising but I put so much work into it that I atleast want to show it to you guys.

Should’ve used Boomette.

Its a Zombie lol.
Jo Slade is still human in Dead Rising!

S/he’s incredibly flat chested

Yeah the model was low-res as fuck. Any High-Res Police models you guys know? Maybe I could redo it.

I’m not enjoying these, can’t you just have it be one thread.

Ok :frowning:

Needs moar woman getting beaten up and sexually harrassed.

…yeah, Zoey probs wasn’t the best choice.
Also, these pics you’ve been doing need more stuff happening in them. Like beating up zombies or generally being psychopathic.

All of his pics need more stuff happening in them.

Finger posing on left hand is really bad. And she needs boobs