Meet the Scout's mom

Let me introduce The Scout’s mom:)

I think she is fairly new.

I don’t like it because it’s not a TF2 map. And lack of eyeposing on the mom.

Where the hell are people getting the model for scouts mom?

Her face looks…manly…

She has limited pose possibilities on her face.

I dunno, she looks like Doctor Girlfriend activating something here.

The face.

Edit: She needs Kate Archer’s face.

I think everyone has a face fetish going on about this model. Complain to the one who made her.

There is face posing control enough to use her in screen shots and comics. Granted I didn’t do so well with her face.
This was more an introduction since she was a new model.


And where is it written it HAVE to be a TF2 map? Only that map for that model? Imagen all the good poses one would miss if that was the rule.

Upskirt shot anyone?

I didn’t have a look. And I strongly doubt there is anything interesting to behold:)

That would be like milf peeping anyway.


But the red spy is still alive.

Wut? Is the spy suppose to be the scout’s father?

Meet the spy explains everything.


Posing is very strange.

Just saw it. Alright. In this pic he is not the father. She don’t know who is because she was a slut in her younger years.

That would make her victim the stepfather. Good enough:)

I thought that the whole “spy is scout’s father” theory talked about Red Spy being Blu Scout’s father.