Meet the Sniper's Road Trip (featuring the new models from the recent SDK update!)

With the new models (they work like effects though) that consist of the items from “Meet the Sniper” video, it just opens a can of new stuff for GMOD posers to pose with.

I present some of my attempts with the new material. :slight_smile:

Frakkin Spies

On the Open Road

Road Trip in Dusk (fixed to remove blue lines)

Edit: Just in case, these are just under-an-hour quick GMOD-ing so I hope you can pardon the little mistakes like third picture’s obvious “He used a blue screen!” effect. Haha :stuck_out_tongue:

-_- why everyone else but me got models and not invisible effects?
damn it!
i added them in gmod with the textures and…NOTHING

First is the best.

I like the third one the most, although the motion blur is a bit heavy.

Love the first one.

Blue outline on sniper in 3rd

The fixed version is up now. :slight_smile: