Meet The Soldier bodygrouped severed heads

So with the release of the Meet the Soldier stuff in SFM came the severed heads on the post, though they were all effects and attached to each other. I decided to hack them apart and give them collisions, along with some bodygroups and skingroups for some variety to them


Valve-Models and textures

Me-Hacking apart and bodygroups**

-The eyes are white for some reason, despite me unchecking the clamps. If anyone fixes it feel free to post a fix or whatever and I’ll update the link

“And from that day forward any time a bunch of animals are together in one place it’s called a ‘zoo’!”

Unless it’s a farm!

Nice work. This is one of many things I expected to see from SFM.


I just noticed buuuuuut… why are Demomans teeth brown :racist:?

Good work, although I find it funny that after all the shit you get on, you would put something like this on your profile there because it’s not a hex or playermodel, but it goes on mediafire instead :v:

They probably don’t deserve it.

I agree, don’t give shit to the people who want it, that would just be spamming the front page anyway

You should fix the smoothing on the pyro head, but aside from that it’s all good.