Meet The Team models

I’ve always wondered if anyone can recreate the meet the team models, I’m pretty sure Valve uses the HWM models, but with more highlopy hands. I’m also pretty sure the models use diffirent shaders like in Half Life 2 and the other valve games (although that could be the rendering effect of Source Filmmaker). I’d make the models myself but I don’t know how to edit Source models and what programs to use. I’m familiar with 3dsmax modeling, and the only modeling I’ve ever done is for gta vice city and gta san andreas. If anyone can give me a link to a proper tutorial on how to edit TF2 models (editing the mesh and asinging the bones and fingers correctly and what not) I could do it myself.

Thank you.

Request section.
And im pretty sure its the same damn models.

No they are not. They use high-poly hand models, similar to the view models. And sorry for posting in the wrong section.

From what I heard ages ago, the models and filming tools were only in the first beta before being deleted for the final release.

Thats not what I’ve asked though, I’ve asked if somebody can either recreate them or give me a link to a source modeling tutorial, so that I could make them myself.

Indeed, It’s the same damn models.
They use computers that can run 5 games with all settings maxed out, AT THE SAME TIME.
That’s why your models look shitty.
You have a low-end computer that runs games at low settings.

This is indeed how it works.

No, the OP is right. There is a different set of higher poly models used for the meet the team videos. Particulary a higher polygon density around the face and hands.

Go into TF2 and in the console enter:
mp_usehwmmodels 1
mp_usehwmvcds 1

However where you would find them is beyond me. They could be a higher LOD that the game doesnt use or something similar.


Hmmm. Upon review it appears valve may have since patched this command. There was quite a few console commands that stopped various texture filtering and model LODing that made the game look a lot nicer however it was causing instabilities according to valve so they patched them.

lol? i play the game maxed out on 30 fps.

youre not contributing anything to the topic and just being an idiot. stop wasting my time and try to help.

Or they could have just patched them to refine the actual commands.

by the way mat_picmip -3 doesnt work anymore.

and all hwm do better than regular models is better facial expressions.

Quick question…

Are you stupid? Or do you just not read posts?

Remember when I said that? same goes for you. get the hell out unless you actually have something smart to add.

Heres something smart: Use the HWM models, they’re the fucking meet the team models you dunce.

Everyones been screaming that at you.

And you have no place to yell at ME to get out of your thread, when i know im right with this, theres litteraly no differance in models because they ARE the same fucking models.

Oh really? look at the hand.

you can stop being a stubborn idiot now.

Okay, i can see a slight differance now…

But for fucks sake it isnt a big one.

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And i only see it in the hand.

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And by hand, i mean the two finger nales and the thumb.

the tape is also diffirent. and thats just the scout. other classes are high poly around the face and hands as well.

Tape is not differant.

And of course, the rest use HWM models (they all do actualy, just with slightly differant features, like pronounced nales)

But thats it, its almost entirely the same.

who the fuck cares! Just use the damned models and be happy!