Meeting goes wrong

Fucking Russians kicking some ass.

I request 90% of the money you’ll get with this picture for giving you the shitty thread title sir.


By rating you palette I get 90% of it, therefore I’m rating you palette.

I’ll give you cheese.

You won’t buy me, your fellow frenchman, with chee-
… erm I guess it’s fair enough.

WE are doing it :smiley:

Transformice gogogo

Lol transformice.

I fucking lol’d at the guy standing and getting shot in the head. His pose is so awkward.

Haha yea, been told it looks like a t pose.

The blurring is atrocious

Camera angle really bland, motion blur doesn’t make sense

Good stuff, the blur on the guy to the left is a bit excessive

I looked out the window straight away and instantly thought of rapture.

It’s good posing but the editing needs work and the so does the posing on the guy in the back getting shot.

Good, very good.

Yes, very yes.

I was gonna complain about the akwardly posed guy, but that would make me late. Instead I’m curious:

How come he had time putting on all that fancy combat gear, but didn’t bother getting his gun?

Oh, and, nice blood.

I don’t really understand/like the pose of the guy being shot, but other than that it’s pretty cool.

what map is that?

It’s just a map with 1 room.