Meeting In the Park

Mingebag pose much?
Dont do them they arent funny or cool.

whars da guns

I looked at who created the thread, I thought it said The Vman. When I saw the picture I was like; “What the hell is he pulling?”

Then I saw it wasn’t him.

I smiled at the face posing, and construct isn’t all that bad for poses such as this (unless you’re continually trying to impress). The posing isn’t too bad either.

I say, you may have potential with more practice.

This isnt half arsed, he actually made some kinda nice posing and putting some trees and a table.
The face posing maybe dumb looking but it isnt that bad. (I lol’ed at francis face)

I love Zoey’s face, makes me laugh, I guess it’s good only, if you add interesting things in the back, and a different map.