Meeting Pyramid Head in First Person

Edited moslty in-game



Looks good, palette.

That guy creeps me out. Good picture.

He just wants a hug, no one understands him.

Something tells me PH and the Witch would get along fine.

Rated Artsy

That is of course untill PH rapes the witch.

You just put dirty images in my head.

Bang Bang Pyramid Head is immune to headshots!
I really like this screenshot. Have a palette.

looks great, the noise looks wierd though

nice work, looks good, can’t really see anything wrong with it…

It looks good, but the hand sticking out just feels so random.

Oh shit…


Using the shirt flashlight I would assume?

It makes it scarier.


I’d be shitting it, nice picture, i see the first person picture stuff is actualy getting good thank fuck.