Meeting the Hospitals Gaurdian

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Full HD (5360x2392px)

Hi Facepunch, it’s been 3 years since my last screenshot!
This one took me a little under a month.
C&C much appreciated.

I am absolutely loving this piece.

Great attention to prop the environment’s prop placement and detail! Impressive that you actually built the entire structure from the ground up, it didn’t look like that at first glance. As to C&C, the textures on the debris/trash props in the hallway are too stretched over the prop, which is a bit of a shame considered how detailed the rest of the textures are. Godrays are a nice touch, how’d you add em?

the build is amazing. no, seriously. fuck.

but the lighting needs something, i can’t put my finger on it. radiosity effects maybe? it looks nice, but at the same time flat somehow. reminds me of ARMA 2.

So much detail. I love it.

I basically just went trough this tutorial and kept repeating the process

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Yeah I didn’t really nail the depth in this scene. Maybe because of the fog or lighting not being spot on

Very impressive build and lighting, great work!

Amazing build! Actually pretty jealous of this haha

holy shit

Marry me

did you port all the models over yourself, too?

Mostly l4d2 props and the zona stalker prop pack + textures

Build looks great, but for some reason I find that the guy in the Gorka looks way too clean. Just my opinion, other than that the scene is excellent.