meeting with an advisor

Nice ominous atmosphere. :smile:

Looks good, but maybe add something to indicate that the rebel to the left is dead?
I thought he was sleeping at first :confused:

Wow. Nice.

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Did you play HL2:E2? This is based off a scene in it so you had to have played the game to understand.

Not really.

I meant to understand why the Rebel is there. He was posed like that in the actual game.

(I think)

I dig the lighting.

Nice posing and atmosphere. Really like this.

You should be able to look at the image and have no misconceptions, regardless of whether or not you’ve played that section of the game.
Otherwise the image will only make sense to the proportion of the population that can actually remember every tiny detail about a scene in a video game months after they’ve played it.

This proportion is teeny tiny.

Shouldn’t the Alyx be the one with the Hunter marks in her back?

Other then that, very nice pose. I Dig it.

Looks awesome man.

I enjoy the lighting of Alyx’s rear.


Can we have a wallpaper sized one?