Meeting with Loyalist

“hmm… I guess I owe you one”

Don’t go too crazy with the highlighting.

Other than that, lighting it quite nice and the posing is mostly good.
Those weapon models are still horrible… I mean, just look at that M16! Weapon choices are also poor.

The helicopters would look better more levelled out in my opinion.

Russian = Winter clothes
TF141 = Summer clothes

What the…


The posing is good and nicely done with the grass.(If it’s scenebuilt.)

I think it’s very good, the chromatic aberration looks good in this case but don’t overuse it in the future.


do i headhack them?

“I’m off to motherland.”


Wow, this is really good.
Don’t listen to the haters.


since when do russians carry an m16a2? nade launcher??

They smelled Kamarov I guess?

Haters gone hate

I actually really like this however.
The Russians with G36s seem a bit… odd. But it looks good however. Have a wood

“You brought me all the way out here just to thank me for saving your life 5 years ago?”


“Well… I guess I owed you one.”

Thats an amazing edit.