Meeting with the Administrator

Constructive criticisms appreciated, only got into posing this the past week or so.

Well, if you want constructive criticism, sure.

Things you did right - good prop placement on the table, good posing on the administration, good finger posing on the cup part as well, good point of making him the center of the image, and good posing on the left guy.

Things you messed up - the administrator, while he’s at the center of the pic, he is actually blurred, you seem to have messed up the sdof setting here making the two characters on the left & right sharp while the administrator completely blurry. I also think you messed up the handposing of the guy on the right in the way he’s holding the giant heavy rifle.

I would also say that when you center a picture around a particular theme, the central theme should be sticking out massively in your face. For example, if you look at the lamp on the table, it’s actually bigger than the administrator’s head. What you could have done here is stepped back with the camera and zoomed in more making the administrator much bigger in your overall picture. Your FOV looks like it’s about 60 or so, should be even more zoomed in, like 40 i’d guess.

Thanks, I made the guards the focus because I wanted to express how imposing the Combine are and are actully really the 'star’s of the show, or something like that.

I’ll keep working at it, thanks man.

I see, that could have worked if you cut off everything to the right of the administrator off the screen so that it scaled down like a chain of command with the administrator in the back pulling the strings.

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And then the combine would be the biggest part of your image, which would be your focus.