I am having a big problem in DarkRP. My F4 menu does not work I press F4 and nothing happens the same thing occurs with the F1 (Key menu). I have checked my F4 key it works fine. I also checked DarkRP SVN and there were no updates. Can somone please help I have tried several DarkRP servers but it works on none of them.

Do you get a error?

No absolutly nothing happens.

there can be over a thousend reasons why your F4 menu dont open, Please post your error INCLUDING the line.

Is the gamemod running do you see in your server status Darkrp?

I already said I get no errors. Yes the server does run DarkRP.

Garrysmod menu --> options scroll down look for:
Show help F1
Team menu F2
Spare 1 F3
Spare 2 F4

Or a quick way should work too, just hit the reset to default button.

Thanks guys

Is it working?

I know what your problem is, bind f4 to “gm_showspare1” or maybe gm_showspare2". Forgot which one.

Those should be bound by default, check and make sure you don’t have custom content downloads turn off in your options -> multiplayer menu. That would in turn stop you from downloading the cache.

Also, you should not have darkrp installed on your client if you’re only trying to play on other servers and not singleplayer.

Did you try pressing “F Lock”?

it should be on the very end of the key board