Mega Man X8 Ragdolls

Can someone Convert The Megaman X8 Chracters into Ragdolls?
like The Bosses,Playable Characters,Etc.?

I wish. So far the only Megaman X out there is this ugly faced one.

Is there a Link?

the ones i want are

Zero’s,Axl’s,Alia’s,Layer’s,Lumine,All of the Mavericks.

I think there is a PC version of this out there somewhere.

I approve, only so I can have Sexy Alia.

Trust me you don’t want it.

I Concur.

also,i really think these Charcters Should also be added too.
-Classic Megaman (Sice Roll is done in TvC,Why not?):

Let’s just try to get X and Zero in first if possible.

Post pictures. People like to see pictures of the topic. It always helps.

I want this too


i know there’s a Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Zero done.

realy? o.O

where?? where i can find the link =D


please dont say in hyrule xD

I personally would want a classic Zero.

That would be nice.

gonna have to bump this, but this is a nice idea, we need more MMX ragdolls
the only ok one is that MMZ ragdoll and even then its :I

also think if we’re gonna do vent and aile we should do biometals

TvC Zero is Classic Zero.

All I’ve found is MMZ Zero.