'Mega Pawnch v2' - The Tank throws his fist into Bill.

Rather appropriate thread music:


Nice shading on the Tanks skins.

The lighting on the tank is awesome.

Oh Louis with his pills

Pills here and Bill’s there. From Louis’ point of view.

Fantastic lighting as always. Make a tutorial NAOOOOOOO.

Awesome, but what the hell is Francis doing? Is the infected his bud?

He’s grabbing him by the neck, while the infected is struggling to get at him.

Ah I see. Or I didn’t, but now I know.

Heh, no problems! :smiley:
Thanks for comments so far boys and gals.

How many lights/Lamps did you use in this by the way?

Lights, possibly 4 or 5. Lamps…god maybe, 15. Maybe more.

I like the muzzleflashes a lot!

What the fuck. Doesn’t using more than three lamps fuck up all the shadows?

It can in some situations, yeah. But if you take your time and position the lamps really carefully, it can turn out okay. By the end of this pose, I really was stretching the limits on lamps. And my comp was lagging a lot.

My comp would have died of the temperature overload when I would have been placing the third lamp.

Thats gotta hurt.

Ha ha, Louis the Useless seems to getting ready to yell: Pills here!

“Throwing his fist”

I’d like to see a tank rip his own arm off and send it spinning into a survivor.

Well, I wasn’t being literal…but that would be cool, and unexpected.

Oh no, I spent too long on this for it to go down that easily.