'Mega Punch' + 'Strength In Numbers' - The Tank Infected

I’m back! :smiley:
And with more Left 4 Dead requests, this time - The Tank.

‘Mega Punch’



‘Strength In Numbers’



Pretty sure the first pic I’ve seen a similar pose somewhere else on Facepunch which probably subconsciously inspired me. Can’t quite remember were though.
Anyway, C&C! :slight_smile:

They’re great… fantastic motion blur and lighting. It has a very cinematic, and yet in-game feel.

It looks like you saved them at a very low jpeg quality though. The colours are completely fucked in many places.

Could be something to do with the posterize effect I used.
If that is the problem, I’ll have another look and see if it’ll look better removed.

I think I know what inspired the first one :3:

Ah yeah, thats the one! :smiley:

I removed the posterize effect. Colours should look better now.

It looks a lot better now. I don’t know what possessed you to use that filter! Haha.

Yeah, I used it in a couple of L4D pics before and it looked okay. But guess this is a lesson it doesn’t suit everything.
Thanks for the help!

editing is good but for some reason the arm on the tank in strength in numbers looks weird

Amazing because it has this “In-Game” feeling.
The second one is pretty awesome and… did you just face posed that tank or what?
How the hell do you let it look so high-res but still ingame?

Second picture, bill’s pose looks awfully awkward. And it looks like his hand is clipping through the flashlight.

i’m surprised nobody made a joke about Captain Falcon yet…so here it is:

Fraid Tank can’t facepose, cause his face is fucked. And I use a combination of Super DoF and sharpening in Photoshop. Plus a few other things with blooms, etc. That might be it.

Awkward? Can’t really see how it’s awkward.
Camera angle might be to blame, but I assure you, his fingers clip nothing.

Falcon Paaaunch indeed.

Thanks for the comments!

His legs are too straight, his left arm(the one holding the foregrip) looks twisted, it looks like he’s holding the gun forward as if he wants to bayonet the tank.

Also bill’s muzzleflash is spilling onto the tank.

Ah yeah, thats the lighting. The muzzleflash isn’t actually ‘spilling’ into him.
Well, I liked his pose, and not everything has to be the same as everyone else’s.
But thanks for pointing out some flaws. I’ll have to learn to improve on posing people with guns.

In the second picture, is Francis crawling without his legs?

Yeah, he’s sorta been incapacitated.

Guess he ain’t all that indestructible.

Silly Francis didn’t hear the music.

My only complaint is that the other survivors other than Francis seem a bit stiff and just standing around. They don’t really seem like they’re in the heat of the moment.

Other than that they’re fantastic pictures.

Francis just got Fisted.