Megaman fans rejoice!

I spent HOURS replicating a sprite of Model ZX In Garry’s mod. I used the STacker to place one aperture science cube at a time, also coloring it one at a time…

Not sure if this really belongs here, but hope you guys like it.



Zoomed In:

Divided by Zero/Advanced Duplicated for easy reproduction:

Also, for you classic fans:

So what do you guys think?

I did something just like this once, but using a very tiny phx block. You can check them all on my DeviantArt:

A thing that i suggest is use on them a material that doesn’t reflect any light. Make them look less “plastic”.

And oh yeah, of course, disable nocollide when using the stacker. Excessive NoCollide makes source engine eats your RAM like Heavy weapons guy with a sandwich.

Holy shit. That’s awesome. I knew other people did something like it before, but I wanted to do some myself. It’s an awesome coincidence you did Zero instead of Model ZX. Also, which material would you recommend that doesn’t reflect light? I definitely wanna make more of these, and yours look much better with how you did it.

Shade, you ever played minecraft? It could suit your art style.

Never played it, but I’ve heard of it. Not that I’m explicitly an artist, I’m just copying sprites one pixel at a time with props, but that does take a bit of time and patience.

Thanks man. And i used “models/debugwhite”. Don’t confuse with “models/shiny”. Shiny reflects a bit and also mess up the color RGB you’re using. Debugwhite doesn’t reflect and shows the real color.

No words, amazing. Rated artistic.

Holy crap, that must have taken time.

Haha thats sweet and made out of companion cubes xD

I really like it. :smiley: Its a good idea. I might try it with Metroid sprites later.