megaman legends models

hey there
does anyone about ragdolls and props for megaman legends?

the characters i want to include…
tron bonne: comfirmed
gustaff: still comfirmed
tiesel bonne: comfirmed, but not fixing the arms and shoulders and hands.
bon bonne: comfirmed
roll: not complete
servbots: comfirmed for 64 version
servbots from mvc3: not complete
and any flying and vehicles props: not complete

does anyone?

Roll would definetly be nice, but I think there is already a Tron Bonne model. Try googleing Gmod “Tron Bonne”

There actually is a Tron model but gmodfiles got shut down

Would it be possible to do Megaman X models, too?

actually we have already have it at skydrive for mariokart64n

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its right here i found here

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maybe or maybe not

Link is broken.

oops, sorry for disagree, my mistake

anything else?

Aside from Mega Man Trigger himself, I’m not sure that any other actual models from the Legends series have been made. I’d love to have some, and I’m learning how to create ragdolls, so I’ll see what I can do about the situation. GMod is seriously lacking in Mega Man and Kingdom Hearts material.

Unfortunetely, what I have absolutely no clue how to do is getting the models out of the games. Once I learn how to get a model into GMod properly, I still have to find it from somewhere else first :frowning:

Also, Trainguy, there are a few Mega Man X models made, but you probably know of them already. X and Zero from Mega Man X8 have been ported. I’ll try and find you the thread. Here:

I don’t see Layer.

Did you ask for Layer? I don’t remember you, or anyone else bringing her up. What I remember was your request for Mega Man X models, and then me giving you the link to them when I easily could have told you to find them yourself. Come on, man, the snark isn’t necessary.

That said, if anyone can get me the Layer model from the game, I’ll gladly try my hand at getting her into GMod. I’d love to have Layer in the game, and I have some limited experience on getting the job done, I just have no idea how to actually ‘extract’ her model out of a copy of the game for use in 3DSMax.

but just only we got its a servebot right here
they will someone to rip this model

is this good or bad idea for obj file?

the best only they get, are the skins
here’s the i found

Tron is also available in invisighost’s ragdoll pack.

anything else?

we found about mvc3 for kattelox characters for the bonnes

and if you anyone how to rip the models for the bonnes from the modelresource?
beacause i found that
anyone to rip the models for the bonnes for help?

unfortenetly you can download for servbots from megaman 64
and thanks to rtb for beta version for tron bonne

bump for ones
anyone else and any questions?

Megaman legends?.. This is one of my favorite games!!!

I started to rig these models. The first one I’ve done.

The other models will be rigged not soon cause studies begins :frowning:

now teisel bonne is next up and the vehicles for later.
including servebot too after wootman told them
and maybe ill wait for a while after you’re study