Megaman Nt Warrior Player Models

I was wondering if there was anyone that could please make a few player models from Megaman Nt Warrior.

Heres Some i would like to see.

guts man


i kinda liked the starforce series better, but SUPPORT!

Ive allways wanted to have a Roll.Exe ragdoll or player model shes my fav out of all the megaman games and anime,I think roll is cute.

guess i could say the same about Sonia Strumm/Harp Note. but anyways, i actually could help get these in gmod. but unless you can find models of them we aren’t talking buisness. think you could see if there are any? i’m not sure if anyone has ripped em from megaman network transmission, and the only others i know are from the megaman battle network 5 remake, but i think there’s only models of lan, megman, colnel, and protoman there. i wonder if someone has made mmd models of them


Well, I have a copy of Network Transmission. If some one could directme to the proper program I could try to get the models from it.

I think you’re supposed to use the dolphin emulator and use some sort of 3d ripper program. meaning you have to play the game at the parts where those characters appear on screen. then you capture the room. i’ve done something like this with 1964