MegaRP Roleplay Mod

Before you go UGHH ANOTHER CRAPPY DARKRP REMAKE. Shut up and listen.

This Edit of DarkRP includes:

9 new classes!

  1. Assassin
  2. Bloodz And Crips Gangsters And Mobbosses
  3. Black Marketer
  4. Drug Dealer
  5. Bar Tender
  6. Undercover Cop
  7. Guard
  8. Contractor (For Building with a toolgun)
  9. Overwatch (Super Admin Cop)

The Game uses CSS Releastic Weapons

Includes Knife Mod

Includes First Person Death

Includes Legs Mod (For Realism)

Includes Keypad Cracker

Includes Fists For realism

Want to see it in action? There is a server set up
to test it!

Server IP:

If you find any problems with the Gamemode please post them here.

Known Bugs:

Do NOT do anything with someone ragdoll related like regdolling someone in ULX or something like that, theres a glitch that you can’t respawn.

Thanks for not flaming “FUCK DARK RP COPIES!”

ughh another crappy darkrp remake

Is there anyone in tha server right now,

Sweet dude! I love DarkRP edits! This is awesome! more plz more!

Great 9 new jobs! Wow!!!


Nothing Professional. Seriously unless its a serious edit, stop.

Ughh another crappy darkrp remake.

So what, my darkrp has 25 and i’m not releasing that eigther

When I looked at the title I thought that at least something good what is not DarkShit but something Real RP… but no, another shitty mod of a shit…

This gamemode doesn’t deserve to be called MegaRP, it doesn’t deserve it.

Yeah, anything with self implied anything usually sucks…
Gamemodes shouldn’t have “mega, super, awesome, amazing, epic, win, great, own, ETC.” in the title.

Too late.


Why aren’t you dead already?

Cough HL2 All over again.

And what makes this one different from the ten other “edits”?
DRUGS? My good sir, that’s been DONE.

As if the Cook wasn’t enough?

I can see the Abuse.

Read Above.

Ugh. BuildRP’s one thing, but having to HIRE minges and jobcampers to do your work for you…

Comes with Limited Edition 5yr old Kiddie Mingeadmin!

What one dosen’t?

Sounds reasonable. Lemme guess, Assassin?


Corrected: Includes extra Server-load lag.

Isn’t that thing broke? And completely fucks up the Client using it if killed?

Corrected: Includes Fists! Who needs Cop Abuse when you can punch your foes to death, or just minge.

No Thanks.

Yeah, it is a Cancer that has killed the RP Communities. But whatever, you decide to continue running it for the next two years, be my guest, it’s a free world.


No, was my pleasure, honestly.

/Criticism. ;3

^ true that.

Why don’t you fucking go on the server and stop criticizing cause you think that this sucks cause all rp remakes suck? Don’t judge a book by its cover, maybe you could’ve learned that in the 3rd grade dumbass.

Seriously, since when have a DarkRP edit been good?

Join the server and you are gonna fuckign forgive me

I’m not sure how to fuckign. :C

Sorry, but we have all seen enough DarkRP edits to know that only 5% of them will actually be good. The only good DarkRP edit I’ve ever played was EpicRP, but it even had some of the obvious problems that all RP games have.

Personal opinion here is that after the decline of LightRP, practically all roleplay gamemodes went to hell.

Lets stop the flame and just move on, if you guys think the edit is shit and don’t want to play it, the don’t. Nobody is forcing you to.

Yes they sure a nice to have just too see how other
peoples ideas is, but also you need to make it very
creative before it really impress me, but i yes let
there be more mods.

For something that “isn’t a copy,” that HUD looks really familiar.

Serious RP isn’t inspired by random dark RP edits. Serious RP is inspired by people who want to be creative joining your server. You won’t get that anymore, after making a fool of yourself like you did in here.

Well, I’ve found something very promising: it is called Applejack…