Meh. Could've done better. V2

Constructive Crit. Please.
This is my 3rd official posing and photoshopped Image. Please be nice and again
Constructive criticism is always accepted by me.

I don’t see tweaking.

Feels empty, the car looks like a damn toy, use a different one, and the car also needs motion blur if it’s moving.
Otherwise looks better than your last. You didn’t have to make another thread though.

Okay. And I tweaked it. But if you say I didn’t I guess I don’t know how.

No car.
More background things.

Anything else?

Okay the smoke looks a little bit better, but it still needs alot of work. Did you check any tutorials?

Camera angle is still horrible, you gotta zoom in your camera and you have the focus of the picture in the background, yet the background is really empty and you have tons of wasted space.

Atleast the contrast is improved.

Yeah I looked at a few tuts on Smoke. I don’t really know camera angles very much. If one of you could show me that would be great.

And Hairy, Hows my posing? That’s what I really aimed for.

Don’t use simple DoF. It makes most people’s eyeballs freak the fuck out.

Posing isn’t everything so don’t get caught up trying to perfect posing when you’re missing bigger issues like composition and atmosphere.

Something smells like jpeg_quality 80.

My Photoshop keeps saving in Jpeg no matter what I do.

jpeg_quality 100 in console while in Garry’s Mod, and when saving in photoshop save it as maximum quality .jpg

Also the smoke still doesn’t look realistic.

I take the screen shot with Fraps. And a normal in camera placed camera? Is that bad xD?

where is the cigarette? (if there is supposed to be one)

That’s your problem right there.

Guilty There is one. You can see it in his hand.


lol yeah , now i see the cigarette , hah it kinda mixes up with the wall , sort of an illusion :v:

Lol. Yeah it does. I’ll fix it next time.