Meh. Could've done better.

Constructive Crit. Please. (Other than me using the default model).

If you hold down right click and move the mouse in & out you can change the field of view for the camera tool. Looks like yours is too high.

The smoke looks too opaque and glowy, too.

The smoke was supposed to stand out more than normal. But thanks for the camera hint :smiley:

Other than that how is it?

This is my second pose BTW.

The smoke is absolutely terrible, you should never use smoke brushes unless you know how to use them (I used them in my interactive and did alot of tweaking and it still looked like shit) Stay away from custom brushes at all times, instead learn how to create any effects you want to integrate to your picture using standard brushes.

The contrast of the picture is also flat, most details are totally killed due to whatever you did with the contrast and brightness. The camera angle also needs work.

To improve your smoke, I suggest youtubing and/or googling different ways of creating smoke, don’t follow just one tut, try alot of different ones. You should also watch references, how smoke looks in real life. And how you can still maintain the realistic look but tweak it in order for it to look good in a picture.

Lol lil’ mean. But okay.

Use the brushes, tweak them.

That’s what I’m working on right now. I’ll post it when i’m done.

Lamps and Light do wonders to pictures.

This is actually bullshit and I recommend you to use brushes.

I’d never waste time in creating something like smoke with standard brushes for an edited screenshot taken from a videogame mod that only about couple of hundred people are going to ever see. It’s not worth it.

Unless you dream of one day being a professional photoshop artist.

Then you and I have a very different mentality. I like to be the best of my potential at anything I dedicate alot of time on.

Matter of priority I suppose.

Chill, it’s the man’s second pose. He should experiment with both.

Pose is decent, in-game lighting would be nice, and maybe add more to the background, also the smoke is too opaque.

Apart from that nice work.