Meh, TV

I had this great idea. Similar to the Youtube Player, you could have a TV on your server or singleplayer game. On the TV the only way to get videos on it is to put them in one of the folders located in addon folder. It could play (I don’t really know you decide) types of videos and it could be on your server and be an admin only.

So say you are lonely in singleplayer. Maybe you want some music. Don’t want to put it on in the backround? Play it on the TV! (give it a name, but please give me credit :D)

In a server? Admin? Want some music for all your fellow admins or friends/enemies? Play it on the TV!

And well that’s my idea! Please don’t be negative. I need positive feedback and all that. :smiley:

This would be cool, though I don’t know how to make LUA read common video files and display them in game. Here’s some extra ideas so I don’t get banned for making a pointless post: Maybe give it more models than the youtube player, like the normal TV model?

Yeah. this is a really good idea (but i only know how to make sound not videos) but i think i’ll work on that!.

Ok, cool. whoever made the youtube player should come here NOW lol.

This isn’t possible at all when it comes down to lua, first you’d have to make lua able to read and display such files properly, secondly you’d have to stream it to every client who’s connected to the server, virtually impossible for gmod.

Stick to your youtube viewer.

McLovin is busy with other stuff.

Guys, you do realise that this has been made? Look on its on there.

No it hasnt. We arent talking about a youtube player.