meh why not full gmod visual IDE?

OK strait to the point.
it has irritated me to no end that there is no all in one gmod only lua IDE.
so why the hell not, to learn more about programing I guess i will try and make one :expressionless: why i bring this up is i want to hear what you the common programmer wants in it. if you think this is cool or if i should go F#@& myself. IDK its an idea and it would really be an chance for me to learn more about programing. this would be open source and I wouldn’t keep people waiting for a release"i would post all changes i make to it and give the code to whoever the hell wants to read it" so yea tell me what you think.
bla im just so tired of this.




those are not full visual IDE programs and are outdated we need something that can use lua plug-ins

ITT: Guy tries to write IDE, realises that it is harder than he thought, then changes his mind.

ITT: Someone who doesnt understand what an IDE is?

Notepad++ and GLuar arent IDE’s OP, those are just text editors with syntax highlighting for programming/scripting.

I guess this is a good idea…IDK I never seem to have trouble without one. Normal old N++ has worked fine

Then again, I’m not some pro

If you really want to give it a try, take a look at Eclipse. I know, many of the people here will come with the well known “It is shit!” messages, but I say, if so many app uses it (Symbian Carbide.UI, a theme designer, Carbide.C++, an app writing IDE, Aptana Studio, a JavaScript IDE), it can’t be so bad. And at all, it is easily modifiable, and easy to understand. And if you can write a Derma GUI editor too, you will be very famous here :smiley:

im thinking about. one thing that i would need is help and people to pester me to do this
P.S. i would only be doing this to learn though and over the summer.
P.P.S. i would be using visual c++ 2008 express


or maby it could be in lua… like wxlua or iplua… hmmm

Rate me dumb but Something like a IDE would be best to do in visual basic’s or C# not C++

Why rate you dumb? I agree.

Indeed, but still i suggest using an existing opensource modifiable IDE!

I would oppose you from just mentioning those two languages, but regardless: Why not C++? He’s using Visual C++, anyway.

I would prefer doing it with some GUI toolkit like Qt and with C++, simply because. :stuck_out_tongue:

i don’t know what I’m doing right now i just thought it might be a good project for learning more about c++ and i wouldn’t start until summer because i have finals. also i REALLY DON’T WANT TO USE BASIC OR C#! i want to learn more about c++. but the GUI toolkit Qt… i will check into that… 0_O

Just has a note OP will fail to learn C++ and code the IDE

What could an IDE possibly have gmod specific than syntax highlighting? or a derma IDE? which as i believe is already being done.


I take that back, this is the best IDE i found that is for gmod.

A good IDE also helps you test what you’ve written, to do that properly it’d have to be made inside GMod.
The ability to write Lua and have your changes applied immediately would be a great help.

IIRC there is/was one such IDE in development. I’m not sure if the guy writing it will ever release it, though…

Hurr durr 20kb exe.

ITT: Hey! I might learn c++ in 2 weeks and spam facepunch shit than has been explained to me 100 times.

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