Melee Fights

Currently in the game melee fights with melee weapons are almost non-existent, update after update the dev’s are adding new melee weapons to the game yet it’s much more beneficial in most situations to just whip out a bow and send an arrow to your targets cranium.

So it’s just an idea, to encourage more melee fights make bows more expensive or require additional materials such as horse hair to make the string, or you could try something controversial and give the bow a blueprint.

**I realize the meta would change and that nakeds would be chucking spears everywhere but honestly at least then they have a risk of giving you the spear to you to use against them. **

The reason I made this thread is because I go out so many times armed with only a bow and kill EVERYONE who tries to melee me.

It’s only realistic. That’s how most melee in TF2 is and other games. and in real life…

Not really in real life if i seen someone reloading a bow I would be straight in there swinging my shit about not zig zagging and jumping while he walks backwards and covers more ground than me.

We’ve had a request to nerf the bow already. Other firearms such as thompson, AK, bolt and custom smg should be more rare instead. The bow is not the problem.

Making bow harder to obtain would make guns even more OP. With a bow you got a chance. Without it you’re pretty fucked unless your attacker is retarded.

Add a shield. They can block arrows and spears with little damage to the shield. Then you can demo knight the shit out of everything.

Shields and blocking should fix it.

Yeah, I mean … I’m not sure what OP is getting at. That bows are better than melee?

Because they are.

They’re bows.

If melee weapons did a lot of damage (like critical damage), people might start to use them