Melee raiding is way to easy

As of now raiding is broken, metal walls now have 200 hit points that I can knock down with a stone spear, can raid any base with 1 c4 and basically destroy it, the balance is way out of wack, this is going to be long week.

yeah garry said it would be in the dev blog, its still a work in progress for the balance. Obviously.

Ya I know its a work in progress, I’m just surprised how out of balance raiding got with this last patch and I’m sure it will be adjusted in next update, we just got to get through this week.

You just have to change your build strategies with this new model in mind. The new armored tier is impervious to melee raiding. Use it. I can pretty much guarantee that once I get my fortress completed in the next couple of days, my base will be inaccessible to anyone without a mountain of C4 on them. And even then, they’re going to find it quite challenging to get into my keep. They may be able to do some serious damage to my base’s outer defences, but I’m pretty confident that my keep will be safe.

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And of course, it’s a work in progress. It will be balanced over time.

He just has to scale back tool damage on the materials.

Anyone else catch that he wants each material to have a strategic purpose?

Hmm…I haven’t had a chance to play the new update, but it seems like metal should stop melee, require 2 C4, and that armored should also stop melee but need 3-4 C4.

The new tier does not stop people from using rocks on it unless i was allowed to damage my own wall with melee with my rock. i beat on the new tier “my wall” with my rock and it came down some notches
i did not take the wall down cause that would been alot of rocks but it did damage it.

The new tier damages your tools pretty quickly though, regardless what you beat on it with. It would take a several people with a shitload of hatchets to break through an armored wall.

As for the sheet metal, I had a problems with it being the top tier before. Sheet metal offers zero protection. You can punch through corrugated metal with a knife. I have no issue with it being vulnerable to melee weapons, as that’s how it would be in real life. Why it was previously better than stone, I don’t know. IMO, stone should be stronger, as it is now. However, I find that the lower tiers are perhaps a little too vulnerable to melee weapons now. 2 of us were able to beat through a reinforced (door in no time at all with hatchets and picks.

Currently it takes 2 C4 charges to get through an armored wall. 1 charge will blow anything else up. It’s caused me to re-evaluate how I build now and use other strategies to ensure unwanted visitors can’t get in. And if they do get it, it will have cost them a whole lot more to break in than anything they’ll be able to get their hands on.