Melee SWEP animation?

I can’t figure out any animations for the knife.
I’ve only managed to get this one working.


Can anyone give me advice?

There’s a difference between 3rd person animations and 1st person animations.

3rd person / player animations - these are animations that can be seen while the player is in 3rd person, and that other players around the player can see. These are called with: self.Owner:SetAnimation( X ); and can be some of these: PLAYER_ATTACK1, PLAYER_RELOAD.

1st person / vm animations - these are the animations that happen to the weapon; these are what the local player / the person holding the weapon sees while attacking. These are called with: self:SendWeaponAnim( Y ) – note that self.Weapon is deprecated, it’s now just self – and can be some of these: ACT_VM_PRIMARYATTACK, ACT_VM_RELOAD.

Some animations used by the knife and other melee weapons are: