Melee Weapons Pack

Lua by me. Models from FPS Banana.


Lua and Hex - Patrick Hunt (HunteR4708)

Baseball Bat:
[li]The Halloween Mod Team - Model
[/li][li]OH-SNAP! - ReSkin

[li]DeadPixel - Model, UV, Texture
[/li][li].Echo - Texture Edits, Compile, Sound
[/li][li]мurрнч - Phong Mask, Bump Maps, VMT Edits

[li]Model/Uvmap: Havok101
[/li][li]Textures: BlackHoleSon
[/li][li]Compile: BlackHoleSon
[/li][li]Valve’s animations, etc. etc.

[li]Model: Fearfisch
[/li][li]UVmap: Kitteh
[/li][li]Skin: Meltdown
[/li][li]Edits/RECB Compile: Besli
[/li][li]Half-Life 2 Compile: Rayne



Now make a sword.


Sword? Already made by Baddog:

Will test and give feedback later.

Tested, this really is cool.

Sounds cool, is the damage in shared the damage it actually does (so i can edit damage)?

Just edit line 231:

				bullet.Damage = 60

Baseball Bat

lol the wrench. Maybe you can make it so that it builds stuff.

Will do.
Would probably have found it myself if i had the time earlier today, but well i didnt.

This is pretty cool. :downs:

Haha, thats great.

Got sick of using the crowbar. Thanks.

When I use the knife, I kind of hold the knife by the blade. I just noticed this. Its actually quite funny to stab them with the hilt.

these are basically crowbars with different models made into sweps, oh boy.

You are a dogs buttocks. Your argument is invalid.

With custom w_model holdtypes. Raisablility, and overall awesome.

Oh my god, like that makes a difference. for a GOOD melee swep, go here.

That’s a sword. These are things you could use for modern RP or something, genius. You can tell this guy put ATLEAST SOME EFFORT INTO THIS!

I’m rating this guy Tool.

The baseball bat is great fun. I love bopping headcrabs off of zombies and exploding them with it.