Melee with guns!

I just had an awesome idea, where you can hit people with the stock of your m4 or whatever gun.
With bow and arrow, you can whip out an arrow and stab that annoying wolf!
Also, it goes along with durability well, it can reduce with every hit.
A new attachment could be a bayonet for the fifth slot.
Imagine stabbing things with your bolt action rifle!
With pistols, you can pistol whip that naked trying to hit you with a rock, without using ammo.:dance:
Maybe a pistol whip can be 25 damage (just a guess) and it reduces with armor.
If no arrows are available, you can just slap people with the bow. (Makes use of the right click)
Bayonet doesn’t have to look military grade, it can easily be a piece of sharp metal attached to the gun.
Do you think that this is a good idea?

I like this idea.
It would be an awesome feature especially when you are out of ammo and have an animal chasing you or in a fight and ran out of ammo.
All in all, I agree.