Melombines Running Zombie Npcs

^ Damn transparency ^

Download link :

Okay, so i decided to make a thread about them.

So the title says kinda everything, they are basic running zombies, just like in “Re Dead” gamemode.

They are scripted “non playable characters” so they include AI nodes. Good map that has AI nodes, for example is gm_construct. It has good nodes.

The Currently released version is version 1 that comes with one zombie class.

They do melee attack that does kinda much damage to kill a person.

Version 2 is under work, and will include some more zombie classes. If i get permission to use Silverlan’s parasites poison as a virus base, i can include that too. Next pack will possibly contain some pills for some kind of RP shit.

Here is also some screenies and one video included.



Left 4 Dead - Sounds, yea it’s legal, they’re from demo.

Thanks for General Vexont for making spawnpoints :

Do they attack npcs and npcs attack them?

It looks awesome, but all those models and materials are too large for my server.

Ill take them if they attack npcs, perfect for a new movie I may do.

Right now they won’t attack npcs. Next version will include that :\

When’s the next version coming out?

As soon as possible. Within two weeks probably.

They are far to strong, make them more like l4d zombies.

L4D zombies have 50 HP on normal according to console.

Any chance of making them start attacking/moving towards the players regardless of how far they are upon activation of a console command?
It’d be nice to have a few people barricade a house, then spawn the zombies a hundred yards a way or so, and then have them attack all at once.

Or just have them attack the players at a larger distance. When I start running from them, they tend to stop running after me when I get too far from them. And I’m usually not that far off.

However, these zombies are WAY better than any other zombie I’ve tried, and I still use them on my server. It’s great fun!
LUA kings for you.

Awaiting Version 2 :frowning:


I have to check the dates more often…

good one