Melon Hound Help

How would i go about making the melon hound sents able to be recognised as hostile towards any other entity. so far if anything that’s able to attack, combine police with pistol, father grigori, resistance soldier, they’ll just stand there and get mowed down… is there any way to list the melon as an enemy?

…Wait let me get this straight. You want an ordinary melon to be a target for NPC to shoot at? In anyways nobody probably answered because… well… we have no clue what a Melon Hound is.

You probably weren’t here when it was released. It’s basically a melon SENT that rolls around and attacks the nearest player/NPC.


Also, **[NPC.AddEntityRelationship](** is probably what you’re looking for.

OMG! You mean that annoying shitty melon that follows you and talks with a citizen voice in High pitch? I hate that thing…

No, the one that follows you, attacks you, and growls. I’m not sure what melon you’re talking about.
Melon Hounds:

Oh that thing. Ok

You’re thinking of the Melon Friend.

Yeah it was annoying and when you shoot it it explodes… :wtc: