Melon models!

Hey I need someone to help me out by making some melon models, it shouldn’t be too hard since they would mostly essentially be resizes.
I need a 1/2 size melon, and a melon about 2 times the size of the regular one, doesn’t need to be exact.
Try to preserve the gibs and breakability but I’m not picky so if you want to give me it without resized gibs I’ll take that too.
Also a melon roughly as tall as the player, butit likely won’t be able to roll, so make it a tad more spherical.
I’d do it myself but unfortunately I no longer have 3ds max installed. :confused:

Isn’t there something like this on Toybox?

Yeah but AFAIK there is no way to aquire the files for personal use.

Half Life 2 has a Melon.

Actually, I want resized melon models.
Sorry for not being more clear, I should’ve added a TL;DR so you could skip actually reading my post.

Well, if all else fails, you could try the Prop Resizer.

Sorry I can’t help you any more than that, you seem intelligent enough as evidenced by your posts.

Sure, I guess maybe I can try and resize it and get the code out of there somehow.

I posted that before I noticed that.

Actually scratch that, they have to be seperate props for what I’m working on.

Yes there is. They’re hidden in addons/toybox just delete everything in that then go spawn the melons again and you can check your console to see what models they are

Hmm that’s interesting. The only problem is what I just realized above, and after checking toybox I found that all of those are just lua resizes not seperate models :frowning: