Melon Racer [Edit of Garrys Version]

Me and a few of my friends have been working on fixing up Garrys Melon Racer Gamemode because well it wasn’t all that fun the way it was.

** Team : **
Coders : Gimmik,Metroid48
Modelers : Squint
Mappers: Anyone can do this :huh:
Thanks Mahalis for the great watermelon skin :slight_smile:

If you would like to help code, help is always needed.

What we have so far :
-Replaced the baby with a cool arrow model
-New Melon Model (Easier to make new skins and it looks nicer too)
-Lots and lots of photoshoped ideas

**What we want to do : **

** Seeds :**
The seeds system is like money. Rewarded one seed for each lap completed and 9 for each win you get so it’s like completing the map 3 times.

** Skins :**
You can buy skins for your Melon with the seeds you earn so you will look like a badass on the race track.

Powerups :
-Speed Boost - Makes your Melon go faster
-Speed Bump - Makes your melon go slower
-Sticky Bomb - Drops behind current position explodes on contact
-Timed Bomb - Drops at current position explodes after a few seconds
-Seed Bonus - Gives double seeds for everything
-Seed Decrease - Gives you no seeds unless you win the race
-Melon Traps - Drops behind current position. Melon gets stuck on it for a few seconds
-Rollermine - Become a rollermine for 30 seconds, and kill everyone you come in contact with for a few seconds (Manadar)
-Fire Fuel - Make an area behind the player start burning, melons that hit the area will burst into flames.

The Powerups can be used at any time by pressing the number keys.

Votemap System :

  • Votemap comes up after three rounds
  • Creator of the map is credited
  • Picture of the map (maybe)

**Admin System : **

  • Admins can access anytime
  • Event system
    Premade events such as Double Seed Day, Every Melon gets a funny skin. Stuff like that.

**Fixes (What we know of so far) **

  • Fix the position of the player name a picture

**GUI : **
This was photoshoped to what we want the gui and everything to look like. Also the arrow we replaced the baby with is in this picture.

It’s all messy looking, but everything else besides the scores will be hidden until you press a button

New Melon and Skins (by Squint):
Smaller file size than valves too

** Maps :**

Created by: Garry : D

Created by: Menderza

Created by: Squint

Lol, I hope all the servers with garry’s version change to this, sounds much better.

People are working on the same. This goes in Gamemodes.

Rollermine - Become a rollermine for 30 seconds, and kill everyone you come in contact with.

Will this be released to the public or exclusive to specific server(s)?

This is a good idea.

Yeah, I kind of screwed up on that one. It was late, cut me some slack. :]

This is actaully a very good idea. I’ll look into it.

I’m not sure yet. Probably public release.

Maybe the arrow should have a melonlike texture and change textures according to the skins you buy? Just a suggestion.

About “Mappers: Anyone can do this”, do you mean that the current team will do it or that you are looking for someone? I might be interested to make a map.

That would be a lot of arrow skins and models you would have to download. Would be a pain to download them all.

I mean anyone can make a map. :] You can if you want.

I don’t think you would need custom models for them all, but you have a point. Maybe just change the one color you have now? I think it should be a bit lighter, but I’m not sure.

Will you get seeds for breaking props? Because some reward for breaking boxes would be nice, hidden powerups or something like that?

Powerup ideas:

Fire Fuel: Make an area behind the player start burning, melons that hit the area will burst into flames.

Extinguisher: If you are on fire, put the fire out. If you aren’t on fire, create a puddle in which melons will slide or have control problems.

First off, the model has a texture to it. Thats why it says “Roll that way” on the back of it and it has a cloudy looking green to the rest of it.

Good idea, I like that.

That is a pretty good idea, I’ll add this to the list.

The Melonracer Gamemode is the best and funniest game mode ever so you all know :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I know, I meant that you said it would require a new model for every skin of the arrow. But it doesn’t matter now, any person could make a custom skin for the arrow if they wanted.

I’ll see if I get around making a map, I’m familiar with hammer so it shouldn’t be too hard.

-snip- (You fixed it)

its look very nice, i’ll say that is beter than garrys newman maded :slight_smile:

Hoverball: become a hoverball for 30 seconds, which hovers and it goes faster than normal melons.

Thanks for that :] Didn’t even notice.

Eh, not to much of a fan of that one.

Bullet bill: become bullet bill for 30 seconds, which automatically steers you over the track and goes extremely fast and flies (like in Mario Kart Wii)


I just thought of another powerup idea:

Missile: Shoots a rocket/missile in a direction of another melon (should shoot straight and not follow melons)

Also some powerups would look so good if they would hover above the ground, rotate slowly and have a slight glow.

Enables a cloak for 30 seconds, makes you mostly transparent. Does not update/show your position in ranking.

Timewarp: causes the other melons to freeze in place for 5 seconds.

Thanks for all the powerup ideas, and also thank you for whoever moved this thread to the gamemode section. (My bad)

Currently we are working on the HUD making it so it will only show the top 4 and making it look nice. :slight_smile:
All these powerups are very overwhelming, but we will get the best ideas in and I think we should avoid the Mario Kart Ideas