Melon Tank

Hello all,

This is my first release, if you can call it that. the Melon Tank is based off of TechedRonan’s Melonhound. He will take most of the credit, because I just tweaked it a little. Here is the Melonhound thread, be sure to thank him:

there is also the MelonBerserk, which was made by fokker:

I suggest downloading all three melons. they are really fun to mess around with :stuck_out_tongue:

The Melon Tank is a really slow melon that has a lot of hp and can kill you in one hit unless you can avoid it.

here it is :smiley:

If people like it enough I might make more Melonhound variations.


Nice! I love melonhounds, and it’ll be fun to change things up a bit with different kinds. Downloaded :dance: