Melon Wars:RTS

So I was browsing my Favorites on Garry’s Mod and I notice that Melon Wars: was removed, I was wondering if they changed there Ip address or he removed it, can anybody tell me please!?

(P.S) If he did remove it do any of you know if there is another server just like that? Or if anybody would be willing to host it?
Thank you… Cheese_puffs
It’s my Birthday!

If I can recall, that’s an old game mode. I don’t think there would be very many servers hosting it nowadays.

Melon Wars, huh, why have I never heard of it.

Because you haven’t played Garry’s Mod long enough? Melon Wars was fantastic.

Oh man, I loved Melon Wars. I still have an old Acer laptop that hasn’t had any updates installed for Gmod since 2008. Last time I checked, it still has Melon Wars and the old Gman cone background. I don’t update it due to pure nostalgia.

Oh man, I remember when I played melon wars with my bro and his friend, that was so much fun. A remake would be wonderful!

I played for about 2 years. Guess I spend too much time on RP servers and fucking about in Singleplayer. I suppose there are no servers left?

You can download the files for War Melons on the site But now all we need is somebody to host it…
Any Takers?

I would love if someone made a new RTS gamemode